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Eye Candy for Edward Norton Fans

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All Members , Moderated
This community is for sharing icons, backgrounds, colorbars, and any graphics pertaining to Edward Norton and projects he appears in. Feel free to join and share your obsession creativity, as well as photos, with other fans. In particular, if you know of any periodicals he's currently in, by all means... do tell us!

The Rules:

~ The first rule of edward_eyecandy is... Oh nevermind. It's most likely been over used in all other communities already. :P

~ If you use any graphics within your LJ or elsewhere, it is customary to credit the member who took the time to make them for your use. If it's icons, you would add the member's ID in the keywords. It is also customary to leave a comment letting the member know you are using/taking it.

~ If you are posting large graphics, or photos, PLEASE put them behind an LJ cut, as not to take up members' entire friends list pages. If it is only a couple of icons, or small graphics, then placing behind a cut is not necessary.
If they're not what one would consider "PG", (IE: contains profanity, or are of an adult nature) then they MUST go behind a cut, with a warning in your post stating such.

~ DO NOT HOTLINK ANY GRAPHICS!! Save graphics to your hard drive, and upload to your web space.

~ Be respectful of others, and don't cause trouble. ;D

edwardnorton is recommended for discussions and updates on his work.


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